We have quite flexible pricing policy

Pricing policy - tattoo

The price of a future tattoo depends on the size and detail.

Service Price, RUB.
Minimum cost of a tattoo 4 000
Per hour price is 8 000
One session cost (3 hours) 20 000
Стоимость сеанса (6 часов) 35 000

Мастера нашей студии работают в разных стилях. У каждого из них различная скорость нанесения татуировки, поэтому и ценовая политика достаточно гибкая. Учитывая соблюдение всех санитарных норм безопасности и гигиены, мы установили минимальную стоимость татуировки, равную 4000 рублей.

Для больших и сложных проектов в нашей студии действует система почасовой оплаты. Час работы мастера — 8000 руб/час. Стоимость сеанса (3 часа работы) — 20000 рублей.

Pricing policy - permanent makeup

And correction of any area for half the price.

Makeup type Price, RUB.
Eyebrows, spraying 7 500
Eybrows, classic technique 7 500
Eybrows, 3D 9 000
"Thick eyelashes" technique 5 000
Upper eyelid, "arrow" 6 500
Upper eyelid, "arrow with feathering" 7 500
Lips, contour 9 000
Lips, full coverage "lipstick effect" 11 000
Lips, full coverage "watercolor technique" 11 000
Nipple halos 15 000
Трихопигментация: одна процедура 2 часа 15 000
Beauty spot 1 500

Pricing policy - tattoo removal

Area size Price, RUB.
2cm x 2cm от 1 500
5cm x 5cm от 2 500
10cm x 10cm от 3 500
15cm x 15cm от 4 500
more than 15cm от 5 500
Permanent makeup removal, eyelids 3 500
Permanent makeup removal, lips 4 000
Permanent makeup removal, contour 2000

Pricing policy - piercing

Includes a jewelery

Piercing type Price, RUB.
Earlobe 2 500
Ear cartilage (classic) 2 000
Auricle 3 000
Orbital piercing 3 000
Tragus 3 000
Wing of the nose 3 000
Septum 3 000
Bridge 3 000
Eyebrow 3 000
Industrial 4 000
Lower lip, Medusa 3 000
Upper lip (Madonna, Monroe) -
Tongue (with anesthesia) 3 000
Bridle (Smile, Antismile) 3 000
Navel 3 000
Nipple 3 000
Intimate woman - lips 4 000
Intimatе woman - clitoris 4 000
Intimate men - bridle 4 000
Jewelery 500
Jewelery replacement (without jewelery) 500 — 1000

Microdermal implants

Microdermal installation - 4000 RUB.

We using only high quality and 100% safe implants from select suppliers.

Cost of the work

You can have approximate cost without leaving home

We give average prices for all of our work, and you must understand that each human has individual skin type and other physiologcal features. So you will get precise cost of the work you want only in person on our free consultation with professional artist, where he or she will hear all your wishes and fears and negotiate all the details.

You can send us an example of any tattoo you interested in over contact form or any social network like Facebook or Instagram and we will answer you in no time. ВКонтакте or Facebook.

Gift Certificates

Make a pleasant surprise for your family and friends

In our studio, you can also purchase name gift certificates for any amount. Make an extraordinary gift to your loved ones, which will remain for life!


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