A team of professionals with years of experience in Russia and abroad. Synthesis of creativity, ideas and practical skills.

Tattoo painter

Work experience: 15 years.

Styles: Art Drawing, Colour Work

Price: from 6000 rub.

Tattoo painter

Experience: 5 лет.

Styles: Реализм.

Prices: от 6000 руб.

Tattoo painter

Experience: 10 years

Styles: Black & Gray.

Prices: from 5000 rub.

Мастер пирсинга и татуировки

Experience: 7 years.

Styles: Black & Gray.

Prices: from 1000 rub. per puncture.

If you are an experienced tattoo artist and you want to develop yourself in tattoo industry, we have a vacant place for you! Send your application and we will consider your candidacy!